Charitable giving can be part of anyone’s financial plan, whether to reduce taxes assessed against a person or estate, or to achieve the client’s goals in creating a legacy for the community. As a trusted advisor, your role is to assist your client in creating value from his or her assets both through prudent management and through achieving financial goals in many areas of life, such as investment, retirement income, children’s education, and charitable support for the community. The Saskatoon Community Foundation can simplify the giving options, offer many avenues through which giving can achieve your client’s goals, and provide expert advice on how best to support the emerging needs of our changing community.

1) We Work With You

You stay in control of your client relationships. We provide a full range of services for your client, and can set it up so that you, the financial planner, are able to retain that book of business. For non-pooled funds you can continue to manage the money, and you remain the investment broker.

2) We Are Experts in Charitable Giving

Whether it’s putting together a complicated estate plan or considering the alternatives to a private foundation, we can tailor giving plans to meet your clients’ needs.

3) We Can Help Your Clients Be As Effective As Possible in Their Giving

We can assist your client in donating securities to a wide variety of charities that may not have a brokerage firm.

4) We Offer the Advantage of Efficient Operations and Effective Fund Management

As a registered charitable foundation, we are a cost-effective and efficient option for industry professionals and donors to obtain expert advice of the charitable sector and philanthropic options.



A gift of cash or property gives your client the satisfaction of seeing their gift at work today and provides immediate tax benefits.


A charitable bequest added to a will is an easy way to benefit the community and create a personal legacy for your client. The charitable gift is eligible for a tax credit for estate tax purposes.


Gifting life insurance is a simple way to make a significant contribution to your community and establish your clients’ legacy of giving, while realizing tax benefits that they can enjoy during their lifetime.


Gifting stock or securities through SCF allows the donor to receive a tax receipt for the full amount, essentially eliminating the capital gains taxes associated with the stock. Donors can benefit from this added incentive to reduce the real cost of their charitable giving or increase the amount of their gifts without increasing the cost.


The Saskatoon Community Foundation recognizes there is an immediate and ongoing need in the community for donations. We offer our Flow Through Funds and Social Capital Accounts. These funds allow donations to flow through the Community Foundation to your clients’ charity (or charities) of choice on an adhoc or annual basis.


A granting program with the Saskatoon Community Foundation can achieve your corporate philanthropic vision. We can add value to your community investment strategy thanks to our extensive knowledge of community organizations, charitable programs, and important community initiatives. Our decades of experience in evaluating projects and their impact can ensure your commitment to the community has the maximum impact, ensuring your business is well-represented in the community.


The Saskatoon Fund is the Saskatoon Community Foundation’s unrestricted endowment. All smaller gifts (less than $5000 cumulative) are grouped within this fund and contribute annually to many grants awarded to local charities. Anyone can contribute to the Saskatoon Fund and become part of the Saskatoon Community Foundation’s broad impact on our community.


Cumulative gifts of $5000 or more can become a permanent endowed fund in the name of the donor, the donor’s family, in memory of a loved one or friend. Funds can even be named for a concept that is important to the donor. Funds valued between $5000 and $9999 cannot be restricted by the donor. Grants from these funds are awarded as part of the Saskatoon Community Foundation’s annual unrestricted granting program, Quality of Life grants.


For cumulative gifts over $10,000, donors can restrict the direction of grants from their funds. Grants from the funds can either be permanently designated to a charity or charities of the donor’s choice (Designated Funds) or to a particular Field of Interest for the donor, such as health, education, or children and youth (Field of Interest Funds).


Once a donor’s gifts exceed $50,000, their fund can become “donor-advised,” a fund type which offers more flexibility to the donor and a higher level of service from the Foundation staff. Each year, the Saskatoon Community Foundation will contact the donor with details on the amount available to grant that year, and request the donor’s advice on how the funds should be disbursed. The Donor-Advised Fund allows the donor the flexibility to adjust grants each year in response to community priorities. If requested by the donor, Foundation staff can also offer information on granting opportunities in many areas of focus, so that donors can benefit from the Saskatoon Community Foundation’s decades of experience in supporting community needs.


The Foundation Fund offers donors of large gifts an alternative to creating private family foundations. For gifts over $500,000, donors can opt to create an ongoing online granting program, with support from Foundation granting staff. They can accept and review applications and make funding decisions just as they might through a private foundation, but without the responsibilities of maintaining a board of directors, investment and management of assets, accounting and financial reporting required of every private charitable foundation. All of these responsibilities are handled by Foundation staff, while the donor is given the support and technology to make informed and impactful decisions that can transform our community.


Some donors come to the Saskatoon Community Foundation with a goal of encouraging and supporting post-secondary students. The goals of our student awards vary widely, supporting students from a particular town, school or graduating class, students studying a particular discipline, students who need assistance to overcome a disadvantage, and awards that memorialize a citizen who exemplified a particular vision or values. Cumulative gifts of over $25,000 are required to create a new student award, in order to ensure that the award will be sufficient to support current education costs.


Do you want to have a conversation about philanthropy with your client, but aren’t sure where to start? SCF has developed an e-resource for professional advisors on how to get comfortable discussing charitable planning by building stronger client relationships. Add charitable planning to your practice – or enhance what you already do – with practical online tools and resources designed for you and your clients.


We all have the ability to inspire hope in others, to contribute to our community, and to create a lasting legacy. The SCF is happy to lend its philanthropic expertise and experience to those in need, and can help guide you leaving a lasting legacy that is meaningful to you and your family. Get in touch with a Legacy Advisor today.